Our MISSION + Our VALUES = E4 Factor 
             (Experienced, Essential Team Player, Executing the work with Ease, and Effective) 

EDEN Resources is experienced in the full life cycle of design and construction.We are experienced professionals committed to providing economical, environmental and socially responsible solutions through a structured building process which will meet expectations. Focused on delivering a successful project for every client; our staff have comprehensive knowledge and experience. 

The firm is a licensed, insured and bonded contractor located in the twin cities - Minneapolis / St. Paul - MN. 

EDEN Resources is an essential team member, we compliment the client and architect’s goals of building highly aesthetic, thriving, healthy, safe and energy efficient spaces. Whether hired as the CM, independent project management company or as a subcontractor, EDEN Resources consistently serves as a reliable and integral element ot the team at large. As the communications conduit we rely on genuine synergy with other trades professionals the A/E/C team, city officials, sub and prime contractors and our suppliers. 

Broadening opportunities in contracting for well-qualified women and/or minority-owned businesses' are why we exist. EDEN Resources is vested in fair and equitable inclusion, but also in our proven ability to be an effective team player. We  execute with ease; our attention to the details is a  core strength of the company. We work with a wide range  of personnel while delivering best in class service.  Driving excellence at every turn in the process has its challenges as well as its rewards. 

We listen, interpret, convey and execute the work to get the job done properly the first time and most importantly, on time. 

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We are proud to be  members of:  
Association of Women Contractors (AWC - MN

Member of JE-DUNN's MCBD Program 
(Minority Contractor Business Development) 

Client Member of  MEDA-CPP (Construction Partnering Program)

USGBC - United States Green Building Council

Eden Resources is certified as: 

SDB Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SAM registered - US SBA)

W/MBE Woman/Minority Owned Business Enterprise (CERT program - MN)

DBE  Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
(Metropolitan Council, MN DOT)

TGB  Targeted Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MN Department of Administration)

SECTION 3  Business

We are a professional and technical service firm delivering construction management services to commercial and governmental clients. We are most commonly contracted for project management and oversight as a supplemental CM firm for construction of projects with multiple agency involvement and heavy reporting requirements. Dually so, our staff is well-qualified and poised to serve in auxillary management roles such as a green building certification manager, equity & diversity liaison, construction communications manager or as a general contractor for mid-size tenant improvement projects. 

EDEN Resources, LLC.      

Building | Future | Forward
Our VISION is to Build Future Forward, with a competent, qualified, & diverse staff of construction management professionals, while infusing equity into the construction industry.