Welcome. Why hire EDEN Resources? 

Proper execution of the work drives our delivery processes for each and every client. Attentive to the details, while accurately communicating core project objectives is embedded into our day-to day process. 

A model standard for EDEN Resources is to work hard while consistently reinforcing sound practice in construction management; guiding the team in a fluid process from start to finish to assure ongoing success of  the project, our clients, and our firm. 

The capabilities of a poised, ready and dually qualified team member apart your project are a rare find in highly complex jobs, often with long durations, accelerated schedules, tight budgets, and within a highly competitive industry.  

EDEN Resources understands today’s climate  and offers businesses a competent and capable service provider of CM services. 

Ms. Mariaha Dean, is the principal owner of EDEN Resources, a 100% minority owned business. She exercises an exceptional level of organizational and strong communication skills.  Building Future Forward is the vision to build for the year 2k30 and beyond. The leading lady  of  EDEN Resources  takes great pride in facilitating management of project teams of  various sizes. Her experience in design and construction spans nearly two decades. Fortunate and favored to work with  well respected and elite companies as well as clientele in  the industry; Mariaha has been directly involved in designing, constructing and management of premier landmarks through-out the midwest. 

Ms. Dean is accompanied by affiliate partners who are dedicated to helping move the company forward. The founder is a member of several professional organizations which round out the company's access to the best and brightest practicioners in the industry.  

an Essential team member
EDEN Resources, LLC.

2017.  Live consciously; stay inspired and do what matters.  
                 Mariaha M. Dean, Principal Owner 

Executing the work with ease

We are proud to be  members of:  
AWC -  Association of Women Contractors 

JE-DUNN's MCBD Program 
(Minority Contractor Business Development) 

MMGSA - Minnesota Minority Goods / Services Association 

Eden Resources is certified as: 

SDB Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SAM registered - US SBA)

W/MBE Woman/Minority Owned Business Enterprise (CERT program - MN)

DBE  Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
(Metropolitan Council, MN DOT)

TGB  Targeted Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MN Department of Administration)

SECTION 3  Business